According to Researcher Food packages should show the amount of exercise for burning calories

Kathleen Kinder
Kathleen Kinder

Updated · Dec 12, 2019

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Fast food is becoming popular all around the world. People are consuming fast food in large quantities than expected. Fast food contains a large number of calories, which can make anyone fat and unhealthy. Exercise is the proper way to burn out these calories content. But people are not aware of the quantity of the exercise they required to do for different food. According to the UK researcher, food packages should show the quantity of exercise required to burn for the particular food product. Staying away from calories in pizza will take four hours, or the chocolate bar will take 22 minutes, creating awareness about the energy cost of food. Research studies suggest that these labels will help people spend less. The goal is to inspire healthy eating ways to fight obesity. According to certain researchers at the University of Loughborough, which monitors 14 studies, such labeling can cut a person’s everyday average intake by more than 200 calories.

A unit gives a certain amount of energy in food called calories. Men require about 2,500 kcal a per day and women about two thousand kcal to provide sufficient energy for the body to good function for everything from running to breathing. Excess intake of calories gets converted in to fat; hence, a human body becomes obese. According to this research, two-third of the UK adult population is suffering from obesity. According to researcher Professor Amanda Daley, researchers are interested in different ways of getting people to make good decisions about their food and are trying to make people more physically active. And labeling food with exercise calories can make it easier for people to understand what they are eating and helping them to make better choices. Many people would be surprised to find out how much physical exercise would be needed to eliminate calories from certain snacks and treats.

According to the royal society, consumers will welcome this move. This small change can solve the problem of weight gain in most of the countries.

Kathleen Kinder

Kathleen Kinder

With over four years of experience in the research industry, Kathleen is generally engrossed in market consulting projects, catering primarily to domains such as ICT, Health & Pharma, and packaging. She is highly proficient in managing both B2C and B2B projects, with an emphasis on consumer preference analysis, key executive interviews, etc. When Kathleen isn’t deconstructing market performance trajectories, she can be found hanging out with her pet cat ‘Sniffles’.