I am Aditya, I have more than 2 years of experience in Digital Marketing as well as in Industry Research I am workimg for core SEO team My core focus areas include: SEO, Web Analytics,Industry Research and find Industry build their brands through useful, well-designed marketing strategies. Digital marketing is my passion & I love what I do, I breathe it. I want to explore more, learn more, and try different tools.
During my career, I’ve worked for several companies, ranging from start-ups where I have developed extensive knowledge and experience in Digital Marketing and Industry Research Working at Prudour is the new exciting step in my career!I have a passion for Industry Research and content writing In my team, we work on making the new research and SEO analyses available in Research Industry. We also think about ways to find new research written content, of Market research I have a Bachelor’s degree in computer application and a Master’s degree in Research. Besides my interest in media and News,I also enjoy being outdoors. Taking long walks, swimming or going to a music festival with friends to wind down and recharge my batteries.I like watching movies and series on Netflix and spending time with my friends.
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