Seawater desalination uses Electrodialysis (ED). It is used to make salt, food, and pharmaceutical products. Electrodialysis is a separation method that can be used to separate laboratory membranes. It processes the transport of ions through ion-permeable membranes between streams under the influence of a voltage potential gradient. 

One membrane is a cation membrane, while the other is an anion exchange membrane. Because it does not use phase change, the device uses low energy to separate ions. Electrodialysis can be done quietly and is less complicated than other technologies. There are no high-pressure pumps, valves, or piping. It is used extensively in laboratories, seawater desalination, recycling, and other applications.

According to a report by, “The Global Electrodialysis System Market Size was valued at USD 0.29 Billion in 2021. It is expected to grow to USD 0.97 Billion by 2032, with a CAGR of 11.63% during the forecast period.”

Electrodialysis Equipment Market Growth

Gaurav Yadav, a senior research analyst at, stated, “Global Electrodialysis Equipment Market is being driven by increasing water pollution and increased use of seawater desalination. Because the electrodialysis treatment of brackish water is already de-salted, it doesn’t require any additional pretreatment. This reduces effort and simplifies the process. The Electrodialysis Equipment Market has significantly grown due to its low energy consumption. It does not use phase change to split ions.”

The Electrodialysis Equipment Market is expected to grow rapidly with the introduction of advanced tunable units, in which the applied electrical energy can be modified according to the salt content. The process is more suitable for challenging feed water conditions thanks to innovations such as periodic reversal electrode polarity (EDR). It is now more competitive than RO systems because it uses polarity reverse.

It is used in many applications, such as process engineering, manufacturing, food, pharma, recycling, and wastewater treatment. The environmental benefits of electrodialysis systems include high-separation efficiency and selectivity as well as chemical-free treatment. The global market for electrodialysis systems is growing rapidly due to the many benefits.

The overall market for electrodialysis is growing based on its top applications. Desalination is one of them. These wastewater treatment methods are used for household, industrial, and municipal purposes. It can be used in place of the RO or seawater concentration to produce salt. The Electrodialysis system is used to aid in the removal of waste and hazards, the purification of products, and the generation of power. It is a market that has great potential to grow due to the constant research and development in many industries.

For Instance, The FlexEDR system featured Saltworks’ unique ion exchange membranes in April 2021. This was made available by Richmond, B.C.-based Saltworks and Chile’s VIGAflow. These technologies resist organic solvents and perform selective monovalent separations such as chloride removal. These properties allow for cost-effective industrial water reuse treatment without requiring complicated pretreatment.

They also mentioned that water scarcity is a growing concern due to climate change and population growth. Businesses and governments are now looking to invest in water-treatment technology, such as EDR systems, which can reduce waste and preserve precious resources like fresh water supply.

The inability of the electrodialysis system to filter the non-charged high-molecular-weight and the low mobility ionic species can be one of the major obstacles to the growth of the global electrodialysis systems market. Market growth will be impeded by the need to comply with all restrictions and liabilities before the system can be adopted. The market’s development will be impeded by the requirement for multiple systems and applications that can use the electrodialysis device.

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