Many Vaccinated Individuals In Massachusetts Have Lost Their Lives After Contracting COVID19 Disease

Kathleen Kinder
Kathleen Kinder

Updated · Jul 24, 2021

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A new report has shown that around 80 people have lost their lives after contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus even after being fully vaccinated as the deadly Delta variant continues to spread in Massachusetts. These breakthrough cases have been found among people who have been fully vaccinated. Health officials have said that though COVID19 cases among vaccinated people are rare, they are not unlikely. As per Public Health Officials, around 4450 breakthrough cases of COVID19 have been reported among people who are fully vaccinated against the disease in Massachusetts. The figure signifies around 1 percent of 4.2 million people who have been vaccinated. Health officials have claimed that nearly 92 percent of these breakthrough cases have been mild and have not needed hospitalization. The data from the State Department of Public Health (DPH) have shown that around 6.8 percent of people or nearly 303 people have been found to be severely ill and needed hospitalization. Nearly 79 people who have been vaccinated against the disease have lost their lives due to COVID19 without being hospitalized or after the hospital stay. The death toll represents around 1.87 percent of 4450 breakthrough COVID19 cases that have been reported so far. It shows that around 0.0019 percent of 4.2 million vaccinated people have lost their lives due to the virus.

The officials from the DPH have said that the data shows that all three COVID19 shots that are being used in the US are quite effective. All vaccines can prevent severe COVID19 infection, hospitalization, and deaths linked to the virus. Health experts continue to advise people to be vaccinated to keep the virus at bay. Health officials have said that sporadic COVID19 infections after vaccination are possible but vaccines can reduce the risk of contracting COVID19 that can cause severe disease or death. Dr. Eric Rubin, who is an infectious disease expert at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital has said that COVID19 shots are fully effective. He has said that there will be some people who will still contract the virus after being vaccinated. However, shots have been proved quite good in many studies. As per the report, the DPH has recorded nearly 665088 COVID19 cases and 17647 deaths since the pandemic has hit the US. A major fraction of deaths linked to the virus has taken place when there has been no vaccine available for the disease. The rate of immunization has slowed down in the last few weeks in the state. Governor Charlie Baker’s administration has improved its focus on targeted vaccine initiatives. The authorities are committed to ramping up door-knocking campaigns, incentive programs, and local outreach drives said the officials.

The officials in Provincetown have said that a few new COVID19 cases have been tremendously affecting fully vaccinated people in the Cape Cod tourist community. Many vaccinated people have tested positive for the disease but they have been showing mild symptoms, which shows that shots are doing their job effectively. This popular tourist destination has one of the highest rates of vaccination in Massachusetts. The officials have ramped up COVID19 testing in the area. They have made walk-in and walk-up mobile testing available at many locations including the Veterans Memorial Community Center. In the past two weeks, there have been around 34 COVID19 cases in Barnstable County. Health officials have said that they are examining the situation in the region. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said that vaccines might not be 100 percent protective but they are a very useful tool in ending the pandemic. Experts have said that around 157 million people have been immunized in the US. They have said that currently available vaccines in the US such as Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson are quite effective in offering protection against a wide range of variants of the virus. However, some strains of the virus might be responsible for causing breakthrough cases, said the experts.

Kathleen Kinder

Kathleen Kinder

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