Microsoft has declared a vague intention to introduce its xCloud which is a game streaming service in 2020 and to abandon the two new games that will be released on it and existing Game Pass subscription. Which seems in the next year will indeed be a war in the media war. The announcement was made on XO19, the company’s event for the Xbox, which was held in London. They seem to be interested in getting rid of Google’s style. The opening lineup of Google’s Stadia, which entered the world of game streaming, was finalized earlier this week. Microsoft hopes that Google’s first-mover advantage will disappear as Stadia is still solving the confusion of payments, features, titles and other issues.

The game pass is now in the preview stage on the PC. Though Microsoft did not provide an exact release date, it only said that 2020 is a plan. In the next year will bring Windows 10 support, and PC game streaming and mobile streaming extensions that may surpass Android. The price is also to be determined – Google’s claims are very complicated, and consumers need time to figure out the price they are willing to pay, the actual cost, and so on. Therefore, Microsoft may have to wait and view it here.

However, the understanding of xCloud is a gamer have access to all games that is currently available in the Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription – there are now over a hundred PCs and console games, and more games are added regularly. This makes it easier for many gamers to make promises. New controllers will soon be supported, including Sony’s DualShock 4, which comes with the PlayStation 4; and for Microsoft’s competitors, this is a true olive branch. Moreover, new countries will soon enter the field of vision: India, Canada, Japan and Western Europe. The Game Pass will receive dozens of old titles and new one throughout 2020, including Darksiders 3, Final Fantasy 7 through 15, Flight Simulator and group of new announced games like Obsidian’s “Honey, “Grounded.”, I Shrunk Survival Game” title. Several new brand properties and gameplay for known but unreleased games were teased at XO19.

Tajammul Pangarkar

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