Rapid Lifestyle Changes Showing Positive Signs in the Faucet Market, says Market.us

Nikhil Randhe
Nikhil Randhe

Updated · Feb 24, 2023


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Market demand is surging due to the rising popularity of multi-functionality faucets and an emphasis on aesthetic appeal. Forecasts predict that urbanization will accelerate alongside an increase in industrial investment over the coming years.

Faucets are commonly found in kitchen and bathroom settings. With a range of styles, colors, and finishes to meet consumer demands, faucets can be found across a range of applications. The report on the faucet market includes both premium and economical versions for different uses. 

With the construction of new residential apartments, commercial development projects, home renovations, and replacement of old faucets driving demand for faucets globally – these reasons alone have helped drive growth within this global industry.

According to research by Market.us, “The Global Faucet Market was valued at USD 21 billion in 2022. It is expected to grow at a 7.5% CAGR and expected to reach USD 43.2 billion in 2032 during the forecast period 2023 and 2032.”

Faucet Market Growth

Anurag Sharma, a senior research analyst at Market.us, said, “The global lifestyle shift is driving the faucets industry to grow rapidly. As more consumers demand functional bathrooms and kitchens, demand for these items is increasing rapidly. Customers prioritize compactness, ease of use, comfort, and small size when shopping for items; additionally, manufacturers provide a variety of material and design combinations to satisfy custom faucet requests.”

One of the primary driving forces behind the faucets industry’s growth is a shift in lifestyles around the world. As customers demand functional bathrooms and kitchens more frequently, demand for functional faucets has grown rapidly. 

Customers’ preferences for compactness, ease of use, comfort, and small size when shopping for items as well as availability and variety of material and design combinations to meet custom faucet demands are some of the primary influences on market growth.

One such industry, consumer goods, has been hit hard by this epidemic. The raw material supply chain plays a vital role in creating value in this market for faucets. Players and vendors face issues due to poor logistics and traffic control, there are also restrictions on public movement around the world which could cause supply disruptions. Major market players have had to reevaluate their risk management and contingency plans as a result of this pandemic.

Smart home technologies such as smart bathrooms and faucets have become increasingly popular with consumers. Smart faucets in particular are becoming increasingly commonplace in smart homes, featuring motion sensors, touch sensors, or temperature gauges to enable users to control water usage in their bathrooms and kitchen. 

Furthermore, these products come equipped with hands-free technology which works together with various sensors and the internet – making customers’ lives more luxurious, connected, and accessible.

Touchless faucets save water, making them essential for the environment. Even though they don’t intend to, regular faucets can waste water unintentionally. These products help prevent small amounts of water from being wasted and predictably will become more popular during this forecast period due to these factors.

The market for faucets is experiencing positive signs due to rapid urbanization and significant residential property growth. There is an increasing demand for elegant yet ergonomically designed faucets that are both user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing due to today’s modern lifestyles. Other growth-inducing factors include touch-free, hybrid, and digital smart faucets with temperature gauges and efficiency sensors.

Nikhil Randhe

Nikhil Randhe

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