Real Shape of the Universe

Steven Burnett
Steven Burnett

Updated · Nov 8, 2019

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In the past, we fought about the question of whether the earth is flat or of a circle shape, and this fight stood for a long time until we went into space. After that we understood that the earth is not flat; it is spherical in shape. Now, after so many years’ same question is arising about the “universe.” Some astronomers are saying the universe is flat, and some are saying it is spherical. Some scientists with the help of new technology observed from the Planck house laboratory. And they are saying that “the universe is like expanding balloon which can partially be bent”. Earlier, we used to think that the universe is like an open system, but now scientist is saying that the universe is a closed box which is contracting our years of concept. In the flat universe, anyone can leave the earth with a high tempo and will never return. But in the case of the closed spherical universe body, which leaves the earth surface can return to the earth. The closed universe can be observed from the plank energy spectrum.

And now because if these many physical and scientifical facts are going to change. If true here’s impartial, the so-known as the curve is possible an at ease one, in preserving with the arbitrate about. But, as cited above, this implies that even as you beget been to streak outside our galaxy, in a straight line, you’d at finishing end up though-provoking serve the put you underway. According to the intestines theory of relativity, the total mass of the universe is responsible to decide shape of the universe scientist are finding the severe density of the earth, which can state as proportional to the square of the Hubble telescope produced. If the density of the universe is lesser than sever density, then we can say that the universe is flat. And if the density of universe is higher than severe density, then the universe will stop expanding

Still, it is not clear that the universe is flat or spherical shape. Also, it is an open space or a closed box. After some years for sure scientist will discover this.

Steven Burnett

Steven Burnett

Steven Burnett has over 15 years of experience spanning a wide range of industries and domains. He has a flair for collating statistical data through extensive research practices, and is well-versed in generating industry-specific reports that enables his clients to better comprehend a market’s landscape and aid in making well-informed decisions. His hobbies include playing football and the guitar.