Report Says Rich People Are Violating The Guidelines To Receive The COVID19 Vaccine

Kathleen Kinder
Kathleen Kinder

Updated · Mar 17, 2021

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Rich people in the US are trying to find out other ways to access the COVID19 vaccine. A report has found that some wealthy people are breaching the line to get the shot before those who are eligible for the vaccine. Experts have said that the COVID19 pandemic has widened the existing health disparities. Neglected communities are lagging in vaccination plans as compared to rich and white people. As per the report, Florida’s Baptist Health system has helped inoculate nearly 1200 people from the wealthy Ocean Reef community. They have used the vaccines, which have been kept for the general public. Although state authorities have said that they have not been involved in it, a spokesperson from Baptist health has said that the medical facility at Ocean Reef has requested the state of Florida to provide the doses and the state officials have asked Baptist Health for doses. Some wealthy Republican donors who have donated to DeSantis’s political action committee have been the beneficiaries of the vaccine. Baptist Health System has canceled the vaccine appointments of hundreds of people due to a shortage of doses later. However, there are many cases of rich people dodging the line to get the vaccine before people who are eligible for vaccination.

In Philadelphia, a 22-year-old CEO of the COVID19-Response startup has been found procuring home doses for his friends and relatives. In another incident, board members and prominent donors of a nursing home have been invited to get the shots, which have been stored for residents of West Palm Beach in Florida. Rich and wealthy people in California have been taking the vaccines that have been kept for the Black and Latino communities. As per the report, some affluent clients from Los Angeles and New York City have offered bribes up to $25000 to doctors to get the COVID19 vaccine in exchange. The head of a non-profitable firm that runs medical clinics for underprivileged groups has said that he has seen a sudden increase in the number of white people dropping by to get the shots. He has said that he has never seen such a huge increase in the number of white people coming for vaccines. These medical clinics specifically serve people who belong to the African American community and who are disproportionately hit by the pandemic.

A survey of local vaccine data from 10 states with huge wealth disparity has revealed that a number of states have inoculated a majorly higher proportion of people residing in the rich countries. Health experts have said that Connecticut has shown the most glaring disparity in the rates of vaccination among its wealthiest and poorest communities with a variation of 65 percent. Many cities have been struggling to provide access to vaccines to low-income communities and people of color. The Biden government has passed a grant of $250 million for community organizations in an effort to bridge the gap and combat disparities in such cities. Experts have said that states such as Colorado and Minnesota have been trying hard to bridge the gaps in their vaccine rollout plans.

Kathleen Kinder

Kathleen Kinder

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