Containers that are used to transport and carry goods without the necessity for emptying and reloading at intermediate points are known as shipping containers. The use of vehicles like trains, trucks, or ships to transport products on land or by water is made simpler by these containers.
The growth of the shipping containers market is aided by elements including a rise in trade-related agreements and a rise in the need for cargo transportation via ships.

However, the shipping container market’s expansion is anticipated to be constrained by the excessive cost of shipping containers. The size and quality of a shipping container affect its cost.

According to a study, “ By 2032, the size of the shipping containers market, which was valued at USD 9.34 billion in 2021, is expected to have increased to USD 15.61 billion, with a CAGR of 5.27% from 2023 to 2032.”

Shipping Containers Market Growth 2022-2032

Anurag Sharma, a senior research analyst at, said, “Product multimodal transportation is now more effective. Additionally, renting shipping containers has grown in popularity among companies in a variety of industries because to their cost, convenience, and ease of use for storing a significant volume of goods.”

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There is a rising need for the movement of cargo via waterways. This frequently occurs due to the number of cargos being moved to the opposite end more effectively and securely than other forms of transportation.

The majority of the world’s ton-kilometers will continue to be contributed by marine shipping. By 2032, ships will transport more than 70 percent of all goods. In the years to come, the majority of long-distance goods transportation will still be handled by maritime shipping.

Moreover, cargo ships are less expensive for shipping products than air and road transportation. Ships are able to transport more stuff quickly from one location to another.

Additionally, the market participants who manufacture shipping containers are benefiting from lucrative growth possibilities due to the rising trend of automation in sea transportation and the tightening of marine safety regulations.

The necessity for cargo transportation by ship is being created by recent advancements in commercial vessels and the innovation of higher and more effective cargo ships by major players. These ships are outfitted with the newest technology, including advanced sensors, navigation systems, and other components. This leads to the rise of the shipping container market and ultimately the cargo sector.

There is more competition among market participants due to some reasons, such as a drop in container prices and a rise in material costs. The shipping container market’s margin has decreased due to this rivalry. For container innovations, many businesses are investing in research and development. Over the projected period, the shipping container market is anticipated to be driven by the expansion of industrial facilities.

Over the duration of the forecast, Asia Pacific is anticipated to rule the shipping container market. In this region, China dominates the market in terms of volume. Due to the existence of international shipping container manufacturers and even the extensive availability of the coastline line, this region is likewise anticipated to experience exponential market expansion.

Over the course of the forecast, Europe is anticipated to exhibit strong growth in the shipping container market. The enhancement of the transportation services in this area is fueling the expansion of the market.

Over the projected timeframe, North America is also anticipated to see solid growth in the shipping container market. In this area, renting a cargo container is becoming more popular.

China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. and the Aker Group entered into a strategic partnership agreement in March 2019. The two businesses will be able to jointly explore new business potential in offshore fields and modular structures thanks to this arrangement.
However, throughout the projection period, elements such as predicted developments in marine transportation automation and a rise in maritime safety standards are likely to present chances for the growth of the shipping containers market.

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