The Russia-Ukraine war is escalating, with Kyiv, Moscow, and the G7 taking different sides. Kyiv is supporting Ukraine’s territorial integrity, while Moscow is backing the rebels in the east. The G7 has called for a diplomatic solution to the conflict. However, with fighting continuing to escalate, it remains to be seen whether a diplomatic solution can be reached.

Ukraine President Volodymyrzelenskiy met virtually on Tuesday with G7 members to demand more air defence weapons. After Russia attacked several Ukrainian cities, killing 19 and inflicting severe damage to their infrastructure, US President Joe Biden indicated that he is open to supplying more air defense systems. The strikes continued in Zaporizhzhia (southeast), on Tuesday.

A European diplomat said to Reuters Tuesday that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation NATO is contemplating holding a virtual Summit. There is no date set for the summit. While Ukraine has submitted a request to NATO to become a member, its members are required to defend one another against invasions. However, the summit date has not been set.

Russia’s dramatic attack on Ukarine escalated Monday with missile strikes on 15 of its cities. This included the capital Kyiv as well the peaceful Lviv. It also hit important infrastructure such as railway lines, electric and water supply line and roads. Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that the strikes were in “revenge for the destruction of Kerch Bridge, which links Russia to Crimea. Putin also pledged a “tough” but proportionate response to the upcoming attacks from Ukraine. He said that “No one should have any doubts regarding it.”

Zelenskiy declared that Russia was trying “to wipe Ukraine off the face of Earth”. They want to destroy Ukraine and wipe it off the face of earth. Ukraine is still hearing the sound of the air raid sirens. There are missiles striking. Telegram has posted the following: “Unfortunately, there are killed and wounded.”

Dmytrokuleba, Ukrainian Foreign Minister, stated that the main targets for the strikes were energy facilities. He said this in a bid to make civilian life impossible. On Twitter, he stated that the strikes had “hit many yesterday and they’re hitting the same and different targets today.”

Hundreds of settlements in Kyiv, Lviv or elsewhere were still without electricity on Tuesday, Deputy Minister Yevheniy Yenin stated at a briefing.

What have you seen from the international community?

Moscow’s Monday actions have drawn criticism from all the major capitals of the West, as well as the UN. A spokesperson for the UN Office of the Human Rights Commissioner (OHCHR), stated that Russia may have broken international law. Ravina Shamdasani said Tuesday that Russia may have violated international law by attacking critical civilian infrastructure.

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