According to a report by,” The soundbar market was valued at USD 6.2 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.59% to reach USD 11.98 billion by 2030. The market is being driven by the rising demand for smart audio/video devices and premium audio solutions.

The primary factor influencing soundbar’s increasing popularity is their capacity to stream audio content wirelessly and enhance the listening experience as a whole. The customer experience is also being improved and the market is expanding faster thanks to the inclusion of voice assistants like Google and Amazon.

soundbar market

Anurag Sharma, a senior research analyst at, said, “The market for soundbars is expanding as a result of the rise in connected communication devices in smart homes, which is driving up demand for high-end audio equipment like home theater systems.”

The demand for wireless streaming devices has surged as a result of recent advancements in wireless connectivity technology and the accessibility of high-speed data services. For instance, the introduction of 5G, which can offer faster speeds, reduced latency, and more capacity than 4G LTE networks, transformed the telecom business.

Another significant technological advancement enabling easier device interaction is Bluetooth 5.2, the most recent version of Bluetooth, which primarily focuses on enhancements to audio devices.

Sony India introduced the HT-S400, a 2.1ch soundbar with a wireless subwoofer, in August 2022. With S-Force PRO Front Surround technology, the soundbar offers a strong 330W total power output with excellent sound clarity.

The HT-S400 interacts with Sony’s BRAVIA TVs without any issues thanks to an integrated user interface. In order to reduce cable clutter and enable a simple wireless connection, the HT-S400 soundbar has been designed to receive audio wirelessly from a BRAVIA TV.

Leading audio manufacturer Sonos announced the release of its voice assistant in May 2022. The feature, according to the business, is a component of their most recent software update. Customers in the United States would be the only ones who could use the voice assistant at first; however, a rollout to other countries is anticipated to happen soon.

Bose India unveiled the Smart Soundbar 900, a Dolby Atmos speaker, in April 2022. Using exclusive Bose spatial technologies, the Soundbar 900 enhances Dolby Atmos material by segmenting dialogue, instruments, and effects and then placing them in distinct areas of a room far above, far right, and far left. By providing a comparable experience regardless of what the user is listening to or watching, it also elevates non-Dolby Atmos content.

This function is positioned by the corporation as a competitor to voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The expansion of the market under study during the projected period is anticipated to be fueled by such vendor initiatives as well as rising consumer adoption of wireless devices.

Due to the region’s quick adoption of cutting-edge consumer electronics and the existence of large consumer electronics manufacturers, the Asia-Pacific soundbar market is anticipated to expand rapidly.

In addition, the expansion of the worldwide soundbar market may be aided by the rising demand for soundbars in the Asia-Pacific region from a range of business sectors, including retail, corporate, hospitality, and institutional.

China, Japan, Australia, India, and the rest of Asia-Pacific are all included in the analysis of the Asia-Pacific soundbar market. The Asia-Pacific region’s soundbar market is dominated by China.

Numerous multinational firms have also established production plants in the country because of the wealth of resources and affordable labor, which make it an ideal location for multimillion-dollar investments in the audio device industry.

The aforementioned element is anticipated to increase demand for soundbars in the nation. Soundbars are becoming more and more popular in residential areas as a result of technological breakthroughs and the quick development of smart homes.

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