Sporting Guns Market Offers Opportunities for Investors, Thanks to its Rising Popularity, says

Pooja Neharkar
Pooja Neharkar

Updated · Mar 1, 2023

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Sport guns have become increasingly popular as people find enjoyment in shooting. Their key attributes include improved eye coordination and mental discipline, as well as being less hazardous than military firearms. Sport gun usage in amusement parks and other recreational settings has only grown in popularity over time.

According to a report by,” Global Sporting Guns Market size is estimated to be worth USD 2.3 billion in 2022 and is forecast to be a readjusted size of USD 4.4 billion by 2032 with a CAGR of 6.8% during the forecast period.”

sporting guns market growth

Anurag Sharma, senior research analyst at said, Market growth is primarily driven by the rising popularity of sporting guns as a recreational tool and participation in many skeet, high-powered rifle, skirmish, popinjay and cowboy action shooting games – both among children and young people.”

Shotguns have also become sought after due to continued investments made into major sporting events like the Olympics, Commonwealth or Asia games that include shooting games. They’re even used by several academies that provide training for individuals wanting to participate in national-level shooting competitions – another growth-inducing factor.

Shooting sports like target shooting are becoming increasingly popular due to their benefits of physical discipline and strength building. Shooting sporting guns also has many advantages, such as improving focus and sharpening eyesight and concentration.

Sporting guns have many uses beyond competitive sports; recreational hunting and painting are two examples. This growth in the market for sporting guns is driven by interstate sporting events as well as recreation-related activities at schools and colleges around the world.

Globally, shooting guns are in high demand due to their health advantages. Shooting sports have gained worldwide popularity and there has been an uptick in participation around the world; events like Paralympics and Olympics attract people from around the world to participate. 

Competition in shooting sports also plays a major role in driving demand for various sports guns; hunting tourism also contributes to this demand for these firearms. Lastly, sports guns can also be used for training purposes due to their increasing popularity across different cultures.

One of the primary factors propelling growth in the sports gun market is an uptick in recreational activities worldwide. Paralympic shooting sports and the consequent increase in demand for guns also play a role, as does an interest in target shooting and high power rifle shooting sports. Strategic marketing tactics, rising disposable income levels, and the adoption of ecommerce all play an integral role in fueling this sector’s expansion.

North America and Europe currently hold the majority of the sporting gun market share, as their participation in shooting events continues to fuel demand for firearms.

However, Asia Pacific region’s improving economy is expected to boost global shooting events participation over 2014-2025; Asia Pacific region will experience strong growth in sporting guns over this period due to increased public awareness about sports, government funding for initiatives, awareness events, and development of infrastructure for these activities.

Pooja Neharkar

Pooja Neharkar

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