Instant messaging service WhatsApp has announced a major upgrade. The company said that it will enable voice, video calls on the web version. The feature is currently under development. The company will roll out the feature once it achieves the desired outcome. If all goes well, making a video and voice call using the app’s web version will soon become a reality. WhatsApp’s both iOS and Android apps currently support voice and video calls. The latest beta version 2.2043.7 for the web has integrated the support for voice and video calls. Voice and video call support in the web version will make communicating with friends and family easier. Users will not require switching to the mobile version always to make calls.

Notably, messaging support is already available on the web version. The new services will make the experience more cohesive. The company didn’t share a timeline about when it will become available. But the Facebook-owned app will make a public announcement when it integrates the new feature in the stable version. The company has dedicated a team to work on making the feature available. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is also working aggressively to make the browser service more secure. According to the company, users will now require to scan their fingerprint to access their account on the desktop. The feature is aimed at making the services more secure and faster. The current process of authentication involves the phone camera to scan an on-screen QR code.

WhatsApp is also believed to be testing another feature to allow users to report bugs directly. The company is developing an in-app support feature for the same. The feature is currently under the testing phase. WhatsApp said that once a user report about a bug, it will send a reply in the WhatsApp Support chat. This will help the user to connect with the WhatsApp technician. The latest in-app feature is an addition to the existing method of reporting about bugs via email. In another related development, WhatsApp will soon bring features like multiple device support and expiring media.

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