With the release of watchOS 8 in September 2021, Apple’s new Watch will receive a slew of new watch faces as well. The portrait face is the most visually appealing of the new faces, delivering portrait mode photographs to the Watch. In certain situations, Apple is utilizing the depth mapping of photos to overlay a subject on top of the time, this has a very powerful effect. Individuals may also use the Digital Crown to change the size of the subject.

This watch face has two drawbacks, but the topmost section can only be set to “off” or the calendar. The bottom section, on the other hand, might be set to display anything. Apart from that, the typeface may be set in modern, classic, or rounded styles. The World Time face was shown off during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), but it was never included in the early betas. Now that the RC has been seeded, the new face can be put to the test. This face displays the time zone of any location on the planet. The places on the outer dial indicate multiple time zones, whereas the inner dial displays the current time for each of them. Tapping the globe in the center of the watch face will rotate it to center the user in their current time zone.

Furthermore, the face contains sun and moon icons to indicate the dawn and dusk depending on where the users are, and the lighter and darker zones throughout the face symbolize day and night. Users can select between a digital and an analog time display. This face has four disadvantages, one for each corner. Unfortunately, several features are still to be upgraded to support the curved corner design, but it is expected that more will be updated as Apple proceeds to introduce watch faces that do support it.  While the Portrait, as well as World Time, faces, will be available to all users, the Apple Watch Series 7 will have three unique faces: Modular Max, Nike Bounce, and Contour.

Nike Bounce, which is exclusively offered with the Nike edition of the Apple Watch Series 7, is a colorful display that responds whenever the user touches it, rotates their wrist, or adjusts the Digital Crown. Modular Max is a modified version of the current Modular watch face that allows you to add a second full-width complication instead of a row of three tiny compilations at the bottom. Finally, the Contour face wraps the time around the edge of the screen and adjusts its size according to the time. It works in conjunction with the new screen to produce a wrap-around appearance that is exclusive to the new model. These faces are all designed to make use of the roughly 20% extra screen real estate afforded by the Apple Watch Series 7’s larger display. Apple launched the watchOS 8 on September 20th, 2021.

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