Folding Bicycles Market Is Derived By Increasing Popularity Of This Bicycles Across The Globe

Anurag Sharma
Anurag Sharma

Updated · May 21, 2019

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Folding bicycles is two-wheeled vehicles which can be reduced into manageable size/shape or compact form. This bicycles provide better comfort and mobility of traveling while daily commute as compared with conventional bicycles. Various features associated with this bicycles such as easy storage, reduced bicycle theft possibility, easy carrying, and others.

In addition, various patterns of folding bicycles are available such as different wheel sizes, frame materials, gear variants for various activities such as adventure and touring biking. Several advantages of this bicycles include cost-effective, reduced commute time, improve traveling efficiency, and others and also this bicycles very popular and easily available in the market.

Increasing popularity of folding bicycles among individuals and rising usage of folding bicycles among different age group of children and adult across the globe helps to boost growth of the folding bicycles market. In addition, rising obesity problem among various age group children results in growing demand for folding bicycles globally is expected to driving growth of the folding bicycles market.

Increasing health consciousness among individuals and rising environment concern across the globe resulting into growing demand for folding bicycles which helps to support growth of the target market. some important benefits associated with this bicycles such as durable, lightweight, less storage space required, high quality, and others also helps to propel growth of the folding bicycles market.

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$ 141,779.3 Mn

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$ 380.6 Mn

Rising adoption of folding bicycles for various purposes such as travelling into near areas of the home, time-consuming walking distance from home and other places, endless stream of traffic, and others fueling growth of the folding bicycles market.

Increasing aggressive marketing strategies, various promotional activities, and penetration of folding bicycles on e-commerce portals by major folding bicycles manufacturers globally and frequent launching of variety of folding bicycles patterns as per consumer requirement helps to drive growth of the folding bicycles market.

Rapid adoption of folding bicycles among adult population due to rising health and fitness concern among adults and rising preference for e-commerce portals due to various facilities provided by e-commerce sector, such as easy payment, free home delivery, easy product comparison, attractive discounts, easy exchange and returns, and others to the consumers across the globe and these things helps to support growth of the folding bicycles.

The folding bicycles market in the North America is account for major share in terms of revenue due to high popularity of folding bicycles and high health conscious individuals in countries such as Canada and US. In addition, rising awareness about folding bicycles and high disposable income in countries such as China, India, and Japan in the Asia Pacific region. Increasing health concern among individuals in Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America regions.

Prominent players in the folding bicycles market includes, Giant Bicycle, Dahon, A-bike, GOGOBIKE, Montague Bike, Brompton Bicycle, Helix, Bike Friday, Birdy Bike, Phoenix Bike, and FOREVER Bicycle.

Anurag Sharma

Anurag Sharma

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