Water Pump Market Is Primarily Driven By Rising Infrastructure Development Activities Across The Globe

Anurag Sharma
Anurag Sharma

Updated · May 22, 2019


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Water pumps are the ancient and best widespread machines, which are used in wide range of applications. They are different products which are configured, engineered, and are standardized using significant secondary equipment. Newly developed water pumps offers improved act and perform reliability with well-organized and effective results. They are classified on the basis of methods of displacement including centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps.

Water pumps are used and operated in a huge range of end use industries including waste water treatment plants, chemical, oil and gas, and several industries including food and beverages, pulp & paper manufacturing, power generation, and mining.

The important factors that are anticipated to increase demand for water pump are increasing usage of water pumps in the oil & gas sector, rising demand for energy especially in developing countries, and advent technologies in water pumps enabling efficient separation processes for gas and liquids. In addition, rising need for wastewater treatment in the industrial sector and rapid infrastructural developments the ongoing developments in the industrial sector, especially in power and energy and agriculture.

Growing reliance on groundwater for other agricultural purposes and irrigation instead of monsoons in developing nations, such as India, is expected to increase the demand for water pumps in the agricultural sector is also driving the market growth. In addition, government initiatives for recycling wastewater for reducing water pollution globally. The major factor that hampers the market growth is decreasing the cultivation and farming of agave plant, fights in Mexican countries, rising energy and fuel prices.

One of the opportunity observed in the target market is need to drink clean water for maintaining a disease-free and healthy lifestyle, the construction of water recycling industries, and the increasing demand for solar water pumps.

The global water pump market is segmented into type, application, and region. Type segment is sub segmented into reciprocating pump, centrifugal pump, and rotary pump. Centrifugal pump segment is growing due to they are usually used in various applications and are available in various configurations including single-stage pumps, axial and mixed flow pumps, multi-stage pumps, sealless and circular flow pumps, and submersible pumps in order to encounter the problems associated with flow control across various end use industries. Application segment is sub segmented into oil & gas refines, chemical, and water & wastewater. Water and wastewater is growing due to higher investment in power & energy sector in emerging economies.

North America has the largest share for the water pump due to increasing domestic and household activities in developed nations, like Canada and the U.S coupled with rising government initiatives in the U.S. for recycling wastewater. Asia Pacific market register significant share due to high growth in water & wastewater treatment and power sector. Europe is also having the moderate growth share due increasing water scarcity and higher demand for better sanitation in UK, Germany, Spain, and France.

Anurag Sharma

Anurag Sharma

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