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He has been helping in business of varied scales, with key strategic decisions. He is a specialist in healthcare, medical devices, and life-science, and has accurately predicted the trends in the market. Anurag is a fervent traveller, and is passionate in exploring untouched places and locations. In his free time, he loves to introspect and plan ahead.

Finishing the quality work within timelines remains Kalyani's specialty. She is a chemical engineer and a perceptive market researcher. A multitasker who takes the initiative while delivering quality projects on time. She is skilled in identifying human psychological behavior and can play a vital role in the research team. Her willingness to learn and attentive attribute stands her out among others. Her humble and calm nature is her primary mantra to live a happy life. She has good leadership qualities, which makes her a true team player.

Hey! I am Ketan, working as a DME/SEO having 5+ Years of experience in this field leads to building new strategies and creating better results. I am always ready to contribute knowledge and that sounds more interesting when it comes to positive/negative outcomes.

Lipa Deb Barman has a background in management research and is a dedicated research associate. She graduated from Pune University with a master's degree in business administration. She has 2.5 years of primary research experience. She is a self-taught person who takes up new skills from her surroundings.

Preksha is a Senior Research Associate (ICT Team) with over two years of experience in the market research industry. Specializing in data analysis, trend forecasting, and strategic insights, She has contributed to numerous high-impact projects that have guided business decisions and driven growth. Preksha excels in delivering comprehensive research reports and actionable recommendations with a keen eye for detail and a passion for uncovering market dynamics. Preksha holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing from Pune University and is committed to advancing the field through innovative research methodologies and data-driven strategies.

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Vishwa Gaul is an experienced market research and consulting professional with over 5 years of industry experience. She has worked across a variety of domains including Information Communication Technology (ICT), consumer goods, semiconductors, food & beverages, and packaging etc. with a primary focus on the ICT sector. Throughout her career, Vishwa has contributed to more than 500 ICT-related reports, covering sub-domains such as software & services, generative AI, healthcare IT, IoT, big data & analytics and sustainable technologies. Holding an MBA degree, Vishwa's areas of expertise include people management and project management. She is a tech enthusiast and proponent of innovation-based solutions. She emphasizes focusing on customized solutions as per client’s requirements to deliver & ensure highest client satisfaction. With her deep industry knowledge and analytical expertise, Vishwa is skilled at delivering precise insights and solutions to the clients. Her diverse experience and multifaceted skill set make her a valuable asset in the market research and consulting field.

Yogesh Shinde is a passionate writer, researcher, and content creator with a keen interest in technology, innovation and industry research. With a background in computer engineering and years of experience in the tech industry. He is committed to delivering accurate and well-researched articles that resonate with readers and provide valuable insights. When not writing, I enjoy reading and can often be found exploring new teaching methods and strategies.