Top 10 Automotive Cyber Security Companies: Safeguards Modern Vehicles

Tajammul Pangarkar
Tajammul Pangarkar

Updated · Nov 17, 2023

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Automotive Cyber Security Market Overview

Automotive Cyber Security is an essential field that safeguards modern vehicles from cyber threats as they become increasingly connected and reliant on digital technology. These threats include malware, remote exploitation, physical access, and insider risks. Measures like authentication, encryption, intrusion detection, secure updates, and network segmentation are employed to address these challenges.

Regulations and standards, such as ISO/SAE 21434 and UNECE WP.29, help guide the industry, while collaboration with cybersecurity experts and emerging technologies like AI and Blockchain shape the future. Raising consumer awareness and having robust incident response plans are also critical aspects of automotive cybersecurity to ensure the safety and privacy of vehicle occupants.

Market Drivers

Several key factors are driving the global automotive cybersecurity market. The proliferation of connected vehicles and the development of autonomous cars have expanded the attack surface and made cybersecurity a top priority. Stringent regulatory compliance, growing consumer awareness of cyber risks, high-profile cyberattacks on the automotive industry, and the need to protect sensitive data are all significant drivers.

Additionally, the complexity of the global supply chain and the necessity of securing components from suppliers contribute to the demand for automotive cyber security solutions. Technological advancements, partnerships with cybersecurity experts, and the market’s growth potential further fuel the automotive cybersecurity market’s growth.

Market Size

The worldwide market for Automotive Cyber Security Market is projected to reach USD 22.2 billion by 2032, with a consistent annual growth rate of 22% expected from 2023 to 2032. In 2023, it is anticipated to amount to USD 3.9 billion.

List of Major Companies

 These are the top ten companies operating in the Automotive Cyber Security Market:


Company Overview

Establishment Year1968
HeadquarterSanta Clara, California, U.S.
Key ManagementFrank D. Yeary (Chairman)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 63.05 Billion (2022)
Headcount~ 131,900 (2022)

About Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation, a prominent semiconductor and technology company, extends its influence into automotive cybersecurity by providing essential hardware and software solutions in connected and autonomous vehicles. Its microprocessors, memory, and storage products contribute to secure communication and data protection within vehicles.

Intel’s acquisition of Mobileye, a leader in autonomous driving technology, underscores its commitment to automotive cybersecurity, as securing autonomous vehicles is paramount. Collaborations with automakers, industry stakeholders, and investments in edge computing, artificial intelligence, and supply chain security further solidify Intel’s role in addressing automotive cyber security challenges in the automotive sector.

Geographical Presence

Intel Corporation boasts a substantial global presence, with operations and facilities spanning diverse regions. North America’s headquarters in Santa Clara, California, anchors a network of research centers, manufacturing facilities, and corporate offices.

In Europe, its significant sites include a major manufacturing and technology development campus in Ireland, research hubs in Germany, and operations in the United Kingdom. The Asia-Pacific region features a strong Intel footprint in China, India, Malaysia, and Vietnam, while Latin America is home to shared services in Costa Rica. Further afield, Intel maintains a notable presence in Israel, South Africa, and several other countries worldwide.

Recent Developments

  • In November 2023, Intel unveiled 23 new systems in partnership with renowned labs, universities, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide, marking their entry into the comprehensive 500 list.
  • In November 2023, Dell Technologies, Intel, and the University of Cambridge introduced the initial phase of the jointly designed Dawn supercomputer. This collaborative effort has resulted in the creation of the United Kingdom’s swiftest supercomputer, which combines the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) to address critical global problems.


Company Overview

Establishment Year2013
HeadquarterTel Aviv, Israel
Key ManagementRonen Smoly (CEO)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 48.7 M (2022)
Headcount~ 200 (2022)

About Argus Cyber Security

Argus Cyber Security is a prominent global automotive cybersecurity company founded in 2013 with a core focus on safeguarding connected vehicles from cyber threats. Their comprehensive solutions include real-time threat detection, security operations center services, secure software updates, and fleet protection, addressing the cybersecurity challenges posed by modern vehicles.

Collaborating with leading automakers and suppliers, Argus integrates its solutions into vehicle systems, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards like ISO/SAE 21434 and UNECE WP.29. Acquired by Continental AG in 2017, the company has a global presence, with offices in multiple countries.

Geographical Presence

Founded in Tel Aviv, Israel, the company has its headquarters and significant research and development facilities in Tel Aviv. It also has a strong presence in the United States, particularly in Michigan, a hub for the automotive industry.

Argus extends its reach to Europe, with operations in Germany, collaborating closely with German automakers and suppliers. In Japan, another critical market for automotive technology, Argus collaborates with local automotive manufacturers and partners.

Recent Developments

  • In August 2023, Argus Cyber Security, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions for mobility platforms, received certification from Amazon as an Authorized Security Lab for integrating Alexa into automotive systems. This certification enables Argus to offer specialized security testing services to automakers (OEMs) aiming to incorporate Alexa into their vehicles.
  • In January 2023, Argus Cyber Security unveiled an enhancement to its Vehicle Vulnerability Management (VVM) product, now featuring automated extraction capabilities for AUTOSAR Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). This development enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 suppliers to gain comprehensive insight into the software makeup of the AUTOSAR Electronic Control Unit (ECU) components sourced from their suppliers further down the supply chain.


Company Overview

Establishment Year1953
HeadquarterStamford, Connecticut, US
Key ManagementMichael Mauser (President & CEO)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 2.9 Billion (2023)
Headcount~ 30,000 (2020)

About Harman International

Harman International, a global technology leader, plays a significant role in bolstering automotive cybersecurity through its comprehensive range of connected car solutions and advanced cybersecurity measures. These solutions encompass secure communication platforms, over-the-air (OTA) updates, and intrusion detection systems, ensuring the resilience of connected vehicles against cyber threats.

Harman’s commitment to secure software updates, protection of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), secure telematics and infotainment, and cloud-based security measures reflects its dedication to safeguarding the vehicle’s connectivity and data exchange. Moreover, Harman actively collaborates with automotive industry stakeholders, adheres to security-by-design principles, and aids in regulatory compliance to bolster automotive cybersecurity standards and practices.

Geographical Presence

Harman International, a global technology leader, boasts a widespread geographical presence, with offices, operations, and facilities strategically located in key regions worldwide. Its headquarters is situated in Stamford, Connecticut, in North America, where it maintains a prominent presence.

Harman collaborates with German automakers and suppliers in Europe, with additional operations in the United Kingdom and France. The Asia-Pacific region is vital, with offices in Japan, China, South Korea, India, and Australia. Expanding into Latin America, Harman serves markets in Brazil and Mexico. The company also has a foothold in the Middle East and Africa, including locations in the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

Recent Development

  • In October 2023, Harman International Industries introduced the JBL CLUB and Infinity Reference subwoofers. These new subwoofers, consisting of four different models, provide exceptional sound quality for vehicle audio systems by delivering deep, powerful bass while maintaining high energy efficiency.
  • In October 2023, Harman’s Digital Transformation Solutions unit launched HealthGPT. This groundbreaking healthcare solution utilizes generative AI to empower healthcare professionals, researchers, and institutions to improve patient care, advance medical research, and make informed decisions.


Company Overview

Establishment Year2016
Key ManagementMoshe Shlisel (CEO)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$7.9 Million (2022)
Headcount~ 30 (2022)

About GuardKnox

GuardKnox is a distinguished automotive cybersecurity company founded in 2016 by Moshe Shlisel and Dionis Teshler, specializing in tailored solutions to protect connected vehicles from cyber threats and vulnerabilities. They focus on securing electronic control units (ECUs) and in-vehicle networks, meeting rigorous automotive-grade security standards.

Employing multi-layered protection, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and secure vehicle architecture with zone-based security, GuardKnox ensures the integrity and reliability of vehicle operations. They also emphasize the security of over-the-air (OTA) software updates and collaborate with automotive stakeholders to establish industry standards.

Geographical Presence

Founded in Israel, the company’s headquarters is in Tel Aviv, benefiting from the nation’s robust cybersecurity expertise. GuardKnox has a significant presence in the United States, focusing on the North American automotive market.

It has expanded into Europe, particularly Germany, where it collaborates with leading automakers and suppliers. Recognizing the importance of the Asia-Pacific region, the company has established operations in countries like Japan and South Korea.

Recent Developments

  • In March 2023, the eSync Alliance, a global network of collaborating suppliers dedicated to creating a secure pathway for over-the-air (OTA) updates and data services, welcomed GuardKnox as its newest member.
  • In January 2023, GuardKnox, an automotive technology firm focused on driver-centric mobility, partnered with Lattice Semiconductor, a leader in low-power programmable solutions, to create a cost-effective and adaptable solution for enhancing advanced Electrical/Electronic (E/E) architecture.


Company Overview

Establishment Year2001
HeadquarterSan Francisco, California, US
Key ManagementJoe Sander (CEO)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$6.8 Million (2022)
Headcount75 (2022)

About Arxan Technologies

Arxan Technologies, Inc., founded in 2001 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, is a global leader in mobile and IoT application security solutions. Specializing in safeguarding applications from cyber threats such as reverse engineering and unauthorized access, Arxan offers comprehensive security measures, including code protection, threat analytics, and real-time monitoring. The company’s reach extends worldwide, serving a diverse customer base across finance, healthcare, and manufacturing industries.

Geographical Presence

Arxan serves a diverse customer base across North America. The company recognizes the significance of the European market, likely having a presence in multiple European countries. Similarly, Arxan has established offices or operations in vital locations across the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan, South Korea, and China. This reflects their commitment to addressing this dynamic region’s evolving mobile and IoT application security needs.

Recent Developments

  • In April 2020, Arxan Technologies, CollabNet, VersionOne, and XebiaLabs came together to create This new company draws upon its collective expertise in agile planning, application security, and software delivery to introduce the industry’s groundbreaking intelligent value stream platform.


Company Overview

Establishment Year1988
HeadquarterStuttgart, Germany
Key ManagementDr. Thomas Beck (Managing Director)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 161.4 Million (2022)
Headcount~ 2,303 (2022)

About Vector Informatik

Vector Informatik GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, is a distinguished global provider of software tools, embedded software components, and services specializing in electronic systems development. With a strong focus on the automotive industry, Vector Informatik plays a pivotal role in designing, testing, and validating electronic systems for vehicles, including advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and infotainment systems.

Their comprehensive suite of software tools ensures the reliability and compliance of automotive electronics, contributing to vehicle safety and performance. As an active contributor to the AUTOSAR initiative, Vector highlights its commitment to industry standards and interoperability.

Geographical Presence

Vector Informatik GmbH maintains a substantial geographical presence with offices, subsidiaries, and partners worldwide. Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, the company strongly focuses on its home country while establishing a significant presence throughout Europe, including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands.

In North America, Vector has offices and operations in the United States and Canada to collaborate closely with automotive companies. Recognizing the importance of the Asia-Pacific region, the company has expanded into key countries such as Japan, China, South Korea, and India.

Recent Developments

  • In November 2023, Andes Technology and Vector joined forces to enhance automotive software solutions using the RISC-V architecture. This collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies, bringing together their expertise to create integrated automotive solutions that combine AndesCore Safety-Enhanced (SE) RISC-V processors and Vector’s MICROSAR Classic basic software. This partnership aims to expedite innovation and reduce time-to-market for advanced automotive software solutions.
  • In November 2023, Vector Informatik introduced Release 8 of DYNA4, their virtual test-driving simulation software. The key highlight of this release is the enhanced scenario engine, which now seamlessly integrates the ASAM standard OpenSCENARIO 1.2 as the input format for describing intricate test drive scenarios.


Company Overview

Establishment Year2006
HeadquarterEindhoven, Netherlands
Key ManagementPeter Bonfield (Chairman)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 13.2 Billion (2022)
Headcount~ 34,500 (2022)

About NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors N.V. is a global leader in providing semiconductor solutions with a specific focus on automotive cybersecurity. Their extensive portfolio includes microcontrollers, processors, and security components tailored to the automotive industry. NXP significantly emphasizes security, offering hardware-based features such as secure boot and cryptographic acceleration to protect in-vehicle networks from cyber threats.

They actively collaborate with automotive stakeholders and adhere to regulatory standards, contributing to the establishment of cybersecurity best practices in the automotive ecosystem. NXP serves automotive manufacturers and partners across the globe, ensuring the safety and integrity of connected vehicles in an increasingly digital automotive landscape.

Geographical Presence

NXP Semiconductors NV has a robust geographical presence, with offices, manufacturing facilities, and research centers spanning the globe. While headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, the company maintains a significant footprint in the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, including key countries like China, Japan, and South Korea.

Recent Development

  • In November 2023, NXP Semiconductors NV expanded its S32 vehicle compute platform by introducing the S32M2. This tailored motor control solution is crafted to improve the efficiency of various vehicle functions, including operating pump fans, adjusting sunroofs and seats, engaging seat belt pre-tensioners, opening trunks, and handling various other vehicle functions.
  • In November 2023, NXP Semiconductors NV revealed its investment in and partnership with Zendar Inc., a software startup committed to transforming autonomous vehicle systems through high-resolution radar technology.


Company Overview

Establishment Year2002
HeadquarterSan Jose, California, United States
Key ManagementWilliam Diotte (CEO)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 19.6  Million (2022)
Headcount~ 38 (2022)

About Mocana Corporation

Mocana Corporation, headquartered in San Francisco, California, is a trusted cybersecurity company specializing in safeguarding industrial control systems (ICS), IoT devices, and embedded systems. Established in 2002, Mocana has become a reliable partner for organizations across various sectors, including critical infrastructure, healthcare, and automotive industries.

Their core focus lies in delivering robust cybersecurity solutions for ICS environments, ensuring the security and resilience of critical operations. Additionally, Mocana provides comprehensive security solutions for IoT devices, addressing the unique challenges the IoT landscape poses. Their expertise extends to securing medical devices and healthcare systems supporting compliance with industry-specific automotive cyber security standards and regulations globally.

Geographical Presence

Mocana Corporation, headquartered in San Francisco, California, maintains a global geographical presence to cater to its diverse customer base. While specific locations may vary, the company serves organizations worldwide, collaborating with partners and customers across various industries, including critical infrastructure, healthcare, and automotive sectors. In the United States, where Mocana is headquartered, they likely have additional offices and operations to support their cybersecurity solutions.

Recent Developments

  • In January 2022, DigiCert Inc., a digital security provider, announced its acquisition of Mocana Corp., an “Internet of Things” (IoT) company, without disclosing the purchase price.
  • In July 2022, Mocana unveiled the most recent iteration of its TrustCenter cybersecurity safeguard platform, tailored for embedded real-time operating systems (RTOS) and enterprise-level operating systems used in operational technology (OT) solutions.


Company Overview

Establishment Year1961
HeadquarterSan Jose, California, US.
Key ManagementHenry Samueli (Chairman)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 33.2 Billion (2022)
Headcount~ 20,000 (2022)

About Broadcom Inc

Broadcom Inc. is a leading global technology company renowned for its extensive semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions, although its primary focus is not directly related to automotive cybersecurity.

While Broadcom’s core expertise lies in providing solutions for various industries, including networking, data centers, and telecommunications, their contributions to automotive cybersecurity may be indirect. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers often utilize Broadcom’s networking and connectivity solutions in their vehicles, benefiting from the company’s reliable and efficient hardware components.

Geographical Presence

Broadcom Inc. boasts a substantial global geographical presence, encompassing offices, manufacturing facilities, and research and development centers worldwide. Headquartered in San Jose, California, the company maintains a strong presence throughout the United States while recognizing the significance of the Asia-Pacific region, where it has established vital hubs in countries like China, India, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Across Europe, Broadcom operates in key countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, ensuring effective service to the European market. Beyond the Americas, the company extends its operations into Canada and South American countries, contributing to its global outreach.

Recent Developments

  • In August 2023, Verkada, a pioneer in cloud-based enterprise building security and management, introduced a new pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera alongside an expanded range of products and integrations with other platforms. These enhancements aim to increase benefits and utility to Verkada’s customer base.
  • In August 2023, Verkada, a frontrunner in enterprise security and building management, extended its operations to South Korea by establishing a new office in Seoul. This expansion is in response to the increasing need for Verkada’s cloud-based Automotive Cyber Security solutions in the region.


Company Overview

Establishment Year1984
HeadquarterSan Jose, California, US.
Key ManagementChuck Robbins (CEO & Chairman)
Revenue (US$ Bn)$ 56.9 Billion (2023)
Headcount~ 84,900 (2023)

About Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, Inc. is a global technology company renowned for its expertise in networking, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions, although its core focus is not directly related to automotive cybersecurity.

However, Cisco indirectly influences automotive cybersecurity by offering network security solutions that can be applied to protect in-vehicle networks against cyber threats. Their IoT and connectivity expertise contributes to secure data transmission within connected vehicles, ensuring data integrity and privacy. Collaborating with automotive manufacturers, Cisco aids in enhancing the security of connected vehicles through best practices and secure network architectures.

Geographical Presence

Across the Asia-Pacific region, Cisco maintains a strong footprint in India, China, Japan, Singapore, and Australia, serving as pivotal hubs for technology innovation and market engagement. In the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region, the company’s notable presence includes key locations like the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and the United Arab Emirates, bolstering its extensive customer base.

Further expanding its reach, Cisco operates throughout the Americas, including Canada, Mexico, and various South American countries, strengthening its global outreach.

Recent Developments

  • In November 2023, Cisco unveiled seven new modules for its Observability Platform, developed with partners to strengthen its full-stack observability ecosystem. This expansion allows customers to meet their specific observability needs and derive greater value from telemetry data.
  • In June 2023, Cisco partnered with NVIDIA to bring AI-enhanced meetings to hybrid workers. They’ve introduced the Room Kit EQX and expanded their Cinematic Meetings features, powered by NVIDIA’s AI engine. These enhancements improve collaboration by offering audio and video intelligence, making hybrid meetings more inclusive and effective.
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