Recently NASA’s spacecraft Parker Solar probe launched in August 2018. Though, results contradicted all the expectations that researchers have regarding solar winds act. Soon this Parker Solar will become the closest spacecraft ever. This spacecraft has completed three out of 24 planed passes, which is never before explored. Through this, researchers will get to know the atmosphere of the sun and the corona. Also, results are the opposite of expectation. “Switchbacks” are flips in the sun’s magnetic field. Scientists are still confused about this Switchbacks. To resolve this confusion, scientists are studying intensely about stars, how they born? Throw this scientist will understand the process by which stars took born. Also, this spacecraft will help to answer significant queries about basic questions about the physics of the stars. Mr. Thomus Zurbuchen said, “data which is sent by parker would revile the history of our stars and the sun in so many ways which are quite surprising.”

Scientists were astonished when they found “solar winds are moving fast at the speed of ten-time substantial than assumption according to the standard model.” Said Justin Kesper, who is the principal investigator at the University of Michigan. Researchers also got that the Sun’s radiation spread dust particles at about 3.5 million miles itself. This research is revolutionary in terms of findings, particle movements, and the hot conditions surrounding the sun.

We needed a space mission like Parker Solar Probe, who can go into the sun’s atmosphere by which we get to learn the details about the solar process. Also, it will increase the knowledge about the sun for future research, which we know till now. Currently, Parker Solar Probe has sent some pictures they are showing dust around the sun. This dust is so powerful having high temperatures, mighty sunlight, and heat, which is creating gas around the sun. As per assumptions, this dust was there, but no one has seen it before, this spacecraft will help to find out all the mystery about the sun and surroundings. And if we see the data results are coming nice.

Steven Burnett

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