An integrated circuit is made up of a group of electronic parts called a 5G Chipset. Another name for a chipset is a data flow management system. The role of a chipset is to effectively control the information flow through the computer to ensure appropriate computer operation.

A 5G chipset’s objective is to give the user the ability to build a wireless network that complies with 5G network specifications. It is an upgraded component of network and customer premises equipment. 

The need for 5G, a brand-new wireless infrastructure, has surged due to the development of devices having internet connectivity. The next generation of intelligent mobile networks is 5G wireless, which comes after the existing 4G LTE mobile network.

According to a report by, “In 2021, The size of the global 5G chipset market was estimated at USD 1.64 billion and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 27.2% from 2022 to 2032. It is anticipated to reach USD 23.21 billion by 2032.”

5g Chipset Market Growth

The shorter product and company lifecycles and the highly volatile nature of the market have put manufacturing enterprises all over the world under tremendous pressure. As the workforce ages and segments become more miscellaneous and difficult to manufacture, profit margins are being compressed.

Users can now experience higher data transfer rates thanks to the ongoing development of cellular networks like 3G and 4G. The ease of accessibility and the large amount of information available on the internet are the main factors driving the demand for high-speed mobile internet services.

The usage of smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs for surfing, video calls, social networks, online streaming, conferences, and other activities is also on the rise as a result of the quick technological improvements in these devices.

Anurag Sharma, a senior research analyst at, said, “By 2025, it is anticipated that IoT and RFID-based smart asset tracking solutions would surpass conventional spreadsheet-based approaches.”

An important factor impacting the growth of the global 5G chipset market is the rising demand for optical scanning solutions, which is driving demand for high-speed internet and comprehensive network coverage.

Additionally, it is projected that the expansion of M2M/IoT connectivity will fuel the potential opportunity in the 5G chipset market.

However, 5G-capable smartphone chipset costs are projected to be higher than those of the existing 4G models. First-generation 5G chipsets were only available in 2019 on high-end handsets.

The rising demand for fast internet and extensive network coverage, an increase in mobile data traffic, and growing cellular IoT connections are the main factors propelling the growth of the 5G chipset market.

The increasing use of services and applications in consumer electronics and B2B communication systems that are presently utilizing data-intensive applications such as VR and AR, and 3-dimensional and ultra-HD media content, is primarily what is going to drive demand for mobile data services.

The gadgets section generated the most revenue in 2020 and is anticipated to expand at a remarkable CAGR of 208% over the forecast period. Together, the automotive, transportation, and consumer electronics industries accounted for over 724% of the market for 5G chipsets in 2020.

One of the key areas for the expansion of the 5G Chipset market is North America. The majority of the market share in the area has been contributed by the United States. IoT, M2M Communications, mobile broadband, and other developing applications are driving the increase in demand. 

With a share of roughly 48.4% of the market in 2021, Asia Pacific dominated. This is a result of the quick rise in spending on base stations that supports 5G NR frequencies and 5G-capable phones.

China, South Korea, and Japan are among the nations investing heavily in the development of 5G infrastructure. For instance, China has already established a five-year plan with a USD 400 billion budget for projects related to 5G.

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