Surging Popularity Of Airsoft Guns Results In Increased Market Demand

Akash Pasalkar
Akash Pasalkar

Updated · Nov 14, 2022

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Many baby boomers and generation X prefer to buy this product because it is a popular sport in their spare time. These age groups use this product for target shooting, hunting, and adventure sports. Companies are developing airsoft fields to increase consumer participation in adventure sports activities.

According to research by, “The Global Airsoft Guns Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 7.4% over the next ten years and will reach USD 3.30 Bn in 2032, from USD 1.6 Bn in 2022″

Airsoft Guns Market Growth 2022-2032

The report highlights the key trends that will shape the Golf Club Market in the upcoming years and gives information on the size of this fast-growing market, along with which regions and segments are major game changers.

Anurag Sharma, a senior research analyst at, said,” Airsoft guns will be more prevalent in the future due to the increasing popularity of shooting sports and target shooting, as well as their inclusion in many places such as family entertainment centers.”

He added,” In addition, the increasing demand for airsoft activities has led to a host of organizations hosting airsoft leagues around the globe. These are acting as growth drivers by helping to accelerate demand.”

Airsoft guns often resemble traditional firearms, but they can shoot non-lethal plastic pellets. These guns can fire non-metallic spherical projectiles, such as plastic and other non-biodegradable materials. Airsoft guns can be used for target shooting or other adventure sports. Movie producers are using airsoft guns as props.

They are safer than blank firers and can be used like a real gun. They can be used to practice target shooting and for military-style games similar to paintball guns and BB guns. Sometimes they are called imitation firearms or non-powder guns.

The handgun is the dominant type of airsoft guns

In 2018, handguns made up 42.1% of the market. This product is popular because it can fire from one hand and is lightweight. It is easy to use for beginners, as magazines are not required. Due to its lightweight, this airsoft gun is in high demand among children.

Price also impacts demand, so conversion prices are crucial to handgun demand growth. Converted airsoft pistols are less expensive than real handguns. This increases demand for airsoft guns. According to SAS, the black market price in Libya for ordinary handguns was US$ 1,600-4,100 in 2014. The price for a converted handgun was US$125. The forecast period will see an increase in demand for airsoft handguns.

Key Players compete for a dominant position

The price pressure is increasing for the market leaders in airsoft guns due to the increased focus on vertical integration and the shift of the emphasis on the development and sale of attractive and innovative products. The airsoft guns market will see increased opportunities due to the increased focus of regionally-leading manufacturers on developing airsoft parks and fields to appeal to a larger pool of leisure sports enthusiasts.

Airsoft guns have gathered considerable fame, such as in the U.S.A., for a few years. Even numerous schools are having airsoft groups such as off-record sports. This increasing grip on the airsoft sport has been motivating the transactions of airsoft guns. Thus, increasing the profitability of the market.

Airsoft guns are competitively positioned because of their unique strategies. To capture a broader customer base that wants a live-fire experience, several leading manufacturers are working hard to accurately replicate authentic gun models.

Akash Pasalkar

Akash Pasalkar

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